UK and International-based applicants

UK/ROI and International-based applicants can now only apply via video.

Once you have submitted your application you will be emailed the following instructions:

Creating your video

Please ensure you are recording in a safe, well-lit environment.

Record the following in this order.


Tell us why you are applying to Urdang.

Ballet (barre or in centre)
  1. Plie exercise
  2. Tendu exercise
  3. Adage exercise (must include developpe en croix)
  4. Grande battement
  1. Kick exercise
  2. Pirouette exercise
  3. Own routine to your choice of music

Record 2 full songs of your choice (any style or genre, but they should be contrasting for example; up-tempo and ballad).


1 monologue from a stage-play of your choice (1-2 minutes, any style or genre).

What should I do next?

Upload to a shared (not public) YouTube account OR via WeTransfer.

Email the link to: by your submission date. If you wish to send it earlier, you can do so.

We will aim to get a result to you within 14 days.

You will also need to have made an application via UCAS for any potential offer to processed. All offers are conditional on high-school academic and English language qualifications.

Student visas and immigration advice

If you require a Student visa to study in the UK, please find further advice and support on the City website:

Visa and immigration advice for international students

Our Urdang staff answer some of the most frequently asked questions about applying, auditioning and what international applicants can expect.